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Benefits of hiring a bookkeeper.

Hiring a bookkeeper could be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make. Numerous benefits allow you to focus on your own day-to-day operations while reaping the benefits of your bookkeeper's...

What happens if I keep forgetting to lodge my BAS statements?

Forgetting to lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS) is only going to see you in a whole world of hurt! Anytime you mess around with the Australian Taxation Office (whether it be intentional...

Thinking of dodging your taxes? Think again!

There are lots of good things about living in Australia but, when it comes to tax time, you’ve probably thought about upping sticks and moving to the Bahamas.   We hear the Bahamas is a...

5 EOFY tax tips for small businesses

As the end of the financial year approaches Australians everywhere scramble to get their taxes in order. Tax time can be an especially stressful time, but there is added pressure when your run your ow...

Accountants vs bookkeepers: when should I use which?

Small businesses have a range of different financial obligations to consider. While it would be ideal to have a single entity covering all of these functions, it is not always...

How your accountant can help your small business out at tax time

Tax time can be stressful for small business owners, and that’s perfectly normal. From sifting through all of your receipts through to dwelling on your expenses and extensive paperwork,...