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Suite 3 & 4/99 Lightwood Road, Springvale, VIC 3171



Deductions by Profession:
Deductions by Profession (pdf) Version
Income Tax Return Checklist:
Income Tax Return Checklist (pdf) Version
Client Substantiation Declaration
Client Substantiation Declaration (pdf) Verision
Clothing, Uniform and Laundry Questionnaire:
Clothing, Uniform and Laundry Questionnaire (pdf) Version
Domestic and Overseas Travel Questionnaire:
Domestic & Overseas Travel Questionnaire (pdf) Version
Gifts and Donations Questionnaire:
Gifts & Donations Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Home Office Questionnaire:
 Home Office Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Motor Vehicle Cents per Kilometre Questionnaire:
 Motor Vehicle Cents per Kilometre Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Motor Vehicle Log Book Questionnaire:
 Motor Vehicle Log Book Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Overtime Meal Allowance Expense Declaration:
 Overtime Meal Allowance Expense Declaration (pdf) Version
Property Holding Cost Declaration
Property Holding Cost Declaration (pdf) Version
 Rental Property Questionnaire:
 Rental Property Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Self Education Questionnaire:
 Self Education Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Subscriptions and Union Fees Questionnaire:
 Subscriptions & Union Fees Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Telephone and Internet Questionnaire:
 Telephone & Internet Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Tools and Equipment Questionnaire:
 Tools & Equipment Questionnaire (pdf) Version
 Truck Drivers Questionnaire:
 Truck Drivers Questionnaire (pdf) Version